• Cybridge events celebration with team Pune India

Happiness, we keep it First !

Celebrating Holi @ Cybridge

As the colors of life go vivid, we celebrate it on the occasion of Holi@Cybridge. Full of fun, love and colors, the team @ Cybridge gets fully wet with celebration.
What more we would want than celebrating the life at its most?

Month of Love

Will that be enough to celebrate and express our love just for a day? This is what we thought when we declared February as the Month of Love. The month, when we remind ourself everyday about the love we have for our peers, parents, partners, lovers, friends, pets, and society.

Alibaug Trip

On the sea shore of Alibaug, we found our new souls that enjoyed to see unlimitedness of ocean. All together, we hired a full resort to ensure that everyone enjoys the freedom of being out !
Thanks to the beautiful nature around, that helped us find each other newly.

Krishna's Rescue @ Cybridge

Oh ! The poor birdie !
It was just learning to fly with its little wings, and fall down from almost 40 feets. Thanks to the grass on the ground, it wasn't hurt much.
Our team ran for a quick rescue operation and a quick feed. With utmost care and love, we hold the beautiful bird in hands, fed it and then restored back to its nest. BTW, we named it Krishna in memory of our current office location.

Sports Break @ Cybridge

At Cybridge, we ensure to take a complete 1 hour SPORTS BREAK, to break free from the Computers & Technology. Indulge into the madness of Cricket !!!
You are invited !!!

Santosa Trip

Oooooh the water !!! What great moments to recall @Santosa, when all of us made a one day picnic, to enjoy the water games and played like kids in the waters.
The water slides and floats were the icing on the cake.

Traditional Day

Together we are a bigger family !
Thanking all the families of the team, who were glad to join the traditional day @Cybridge, and enjoyed a lot.

Office Table Golf

Till we get on the real Golf Course, we created a small office table golf, that brings equivalent thrill and joy as the real ground .
And what's more, when the kids from society and even our clients admitted, that they are getting obsessed with it now !!!