ESBI for SEO consultant

In this article will be learning about how to use the famous ESBI framework for your SEO Business.ESBI framework is given by the famous renowned author Robert Kiyosaki in his Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

What is ESBI?

E – Employee

This is the most common quadrant, as everybody knows it. where you have a job, that means you are working for somebody else. On that job, you trade your time and skills for money and for certain fixed hours.

S – Self-employed

When you got tired of working for other people and you realized that How can I use my time and skills for creating money for myself. Then you jumped to self-employed quadrant. Now you have employed yourself.

B – Business Owner

When you start to notice that all your time is wasted doing administrative work, rather than converting client then you start a business, that means you are in the third quadrant. You can hire experienced people who can work for you and helps you grow your business and bring more money.

I – Investor

In this Quadrant, you will not work for money, money works for you. I hope you have heard about Warren Buffet. He is the best example of this quadrant. People use their money and invest in the most successful business to make more money.

Now the biggest question is where are you now as per the ESBI framework?

Where are you now?

As an SEO consultant, you are in the second quadrant, that is self-employed, Which is good than being an employee of others. By being a self-employed you feel independent, You have more authority and You earn money for all your effort and credits too. There is nobody to take share from your hard earned money. That feels too good right?

But, the biggest disadvantage of being self-employed is everything depends on you. If you are sick then your business is sick. Quitting a job and starting a business is a good idea but the problem is you are still an employee of yourself. How?

In the first quadrant you were working for other people and now you are working for yourself. Let me know how it feels to be Boss and do all the day to day work. It sucks right?. More challenge starts when you want to deliver more projects in less time and there is no one to help you. That means it is a time you should move to the third quadrant.

How to move to B ( Business owner)

Simple. Act as a Business Owner, Think like a Business owner.

Here your role is to build a business. Where you hire smart professionals who can work for you and helps you to grow your business. Professionals create money for you by delivering the results you promised to your clients and supports your clients when you are sick or on vacation. The biggest advantage of being a business owner is that money doesn’t stop coming to you when you stop working!. Why? You have a team. Have you heard of 80/20 principle?

What does 80/20 principle say?

It is a simple law. It says get 80% result in 20% efforts. It a secret of the most successful business.

How they are using it? Well, they are hiring people who can take their 80% business work and this saves their time, money and energy to convert more client rather than spending their valuable time doing their business administrative work.

How can you start?

Hire professional assistants who can handle all your administrative work and work as your back office. In simple term hire an experienced team which delivers work for you. By doing that you can save all your time, energy and money to create a working business system which results in financial benefits.

At Cybridge ODC, we help you to hire team on your demand and you can manage your team from your place without worrying about payroll, office space, transportation, infrastructure etc and your work is to meet new clients and convert them as your customers.!