Why you should Stop Outsourcing your SEO and Setup your own ODC team instead?

I already know that this title is provocative enough for some of you, and it may even sound very offending to those Digital Marketing Agencies who are basing their entire business on getting outsourced work (or consulting for it).

Buts lets face it! The dark side of outsourcing that a very few will admit revealing to the clients.

You allready had that call, and emails, right?

As we talk about outsourcing, I am quite sure that we all have the same experience, the remote call center giving you the call and promising the miraculous savings you can have by outsourcing your work to them, and the huge profits you can make with it.

We all have those emails and calls, that promise a dreamland, where all our work will be taken by the professional experts and delivered to the clients from a team we will never see ever.

Interestingly, we have already heard enough horror stories of the outsourcing fails from our clients and other agencies, right?

And yet, why we want to do that?

For one reason, for sure, is that outsourcing is the most proven model of doing a profitable business. In recent decades IT & BPO industry has proven this time to time that taking up a client in the USA / Canada, and outsource it to a team in India can be a really a great business.

In fact, there are outsourcing specialist and consultants who are helping companies to scale their operations like this. Not only IT & BPO, but the tech giant like Microsoft, and several US/Canada banks have outsourced their work to India, for decades.

So if they are doing it, it must be something we should also do, right?

Wrong, they aren’t Outsourcing it!

All those great stories of success, for WhatsApp hiring remote teams in Ukraine, and Goldman Sachs moving thousands of jobs to India, are not the stories of outsourcing, but a completely different model of work called as ODC

So, what is Outsourcing and why should I care?

Outsourcing is when you are subcontracting your work to another company. Just as you will choose a freelancer from any freelance portal and give him/her the job. They will work on it and deliver to you, the outsourcing company will work for your job and give to you.

The problem? Just like a freelancer, you will not have any control over the work done. When you outsource the work, it is subcontracting of the entire job, which means you are the client of the outsourced company.

5 Disadvantages of Outsourcing your SEO

Here are 6 disadvantages of outsourcing your SEO work to another company, which will give you no clue about whats happening to your work behind the curtains.

1 No transperancy about the resources

Unfortunately, when you are outsourcing, you are the client of that company. Which means, they deliver you the ‘project’. And how they make that happen is None of Your Business.

They will not tell you who are the actual people working on your project. You will not know what are their qualifications and experience they have. If they have already worked on similar projects or not.

Because its a project based assignment, you will not get to know any of this.

2 You will have no clue on what they are doing

The work will be done as an internal process. Which means, they will use their own practices and methods and tools to work on your SEO project.

This means, you will have no clue about actually what is happening to your project. Yes, there will be weekly reports, but they will be so much surface level, and in most of the cases, you will come across a surprise only after it has hit your SEO badly.

3 You will have no control over the team / process

Your communication in an outsourced work, is only limited to your discussion with the ‘team manager’. Often, a guy with good experience in Digital marketing and English communication. 

But don’t let yourself be fool, assuming you have control over what they do. The team will never report to you directly, and will always depend on that one guy who will lead that project (along with many other). No matter what you want to get done, it is ultimately that guy, whose instructions will be followed by the team.

4 The Worst part, working on multiple projects

This is what I am always afraid of when it comes to outsourcing your work. Whether you choose a freelancer or an outsourced team, the biggest hurdle to the success of your project is lack of loyalty.

May it be a freelancer or the outsourced agency, they will be always on a lookout for maximizing their profits, by leveraging their time and resources as much as possible. This pushes them to take up more and more clients without checking on how much they can really deliver.

They end up putting 4-5 projects to the same guy who is working for you. Poor fellow! He can not give your project the focus required.

And you know, in the SEO business, Focus is everything.  You can not come up with great results without dedicated efforts and thought process.

5 In the long run, you will only lose your client

Not having any control on your Digital Marketing assignment is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Digital Marketing is such a dynamic activity that with everyday changing algorithms of Google, Facebook, and all other medias, you can not stick to a single approach. You have to continuously do experiments and quickly change your strategies to make sure that your clients’s win the ultimate race with their competitors – in the short run as well as long run.

Unfortunately, when you give your wheel in the hands of someone else, who is not answerable to your client, they care much less about them. They can simply give you an apology for a bad work or offer some free work, but that is not going to bring back the reputation you lost with your client.

In the long run, you will find yourself losing more clients and getting frustrated in the business than ever.

Why Outsourcing does not work in SEO, and what can be done?

Because, SEO / Digital Marketing is NOT Software Development or Tele-calling.

Unlike software development, where specific requirements and some logical codes will make the product ready, SEO is a dynamic function of – marketing.

To become successful in Digital Marketing, you need to have a great passion and understanding about marketing, segmentation, offers, consumer behavior, and sales.

So when you promise results to your clients, you are understanding their business, products, business model, clients, customer’s buying cycle and online activities, and then building your promotion strategies on it.

This is why ODC guarantee you the success you deserve!

In an offshore delivery set-up, you get a great advantage of hiring the right people under you and getting the work done by them at low cost, while keeping the complete control.

When you opt for an Offshore Delivery Center at Cybridge, you get a number of benefits, that can save you from the outsourcing disasters, and guarantee you the success.

1. ODC means Dedicated Team

At Cybridge ODC, you get the complete authority over choosing your own team. While we short-list the candidates from the initial search, you will get your final interview done, and have the final say in the selection process.

2. ODC means Total Transparency

At Cybridge ODC, we play a limited role of providing people management and infrastructure management to assure that your team gets a great workplace!

We undertake the responsibility of building a great work-culture of creative work for them. However, their entire work communication is always directly with you.

Every member on the team reports to you directly, and is available for a direct discussion with you whenever you want.

3. ODC means Complete Control.

The team is hired dedicatedly for you and will work only on your projects. Under your control.

The entire work is carried out under your instructions using the tools that you want them to work on . In an ODC arrangement, the team will work on your strategy, to assure that you get the results you want.

With Cybridge ODC, you will get complete control over the work and results of your SEO projects, and in turn, assure success for your client in the long run.

To know more about the Cybridge ODC services for SEO Agencies & Consultants, click here.

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